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About the Site

Welcome to one of the web's original and oldest photo blogs. went online in 1997, and became this photo blog in 2001.

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It's official, my site is now the fastest hunk of junk in the galaxy--a mash-up of databases, technologies and lots of photos.

The core of the photo blog is published directly from within Adobe Lightroom using PHP and Lua code and the Adobe Lightroom SDK. I created a custom database dashboard with code and hooks to FTP, so I can publish the site far easier and faster than Dreamweaver's FTP allows (although I still love and use Dreamweaver a ton).

A while back I upgraded my search from Google's API to a custom spider/PHP solution. I can now crawl my entire site as needed, and tweak and configure the index and results my way. For instance, I teach the engine my friend's nicknames, so they can find photos and stuff. I've put an emphasis on visuals, since my site is in large part a photo blog.