Burning Man

Here are my favorite Burning Man photos from 2001 to the present. To see all my Burning Man photos, organized by year, visit my Burning Man Spotlight page.

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The Belgian Waffle - 2006, Burning Man photo

The Belgian Waffle - 2006

Uchronia (aka “The Belgian Waffle"). Uchronia was huge and beautiful. The Belgian artists who created Uchronia hated that we all called it the waffle, but on the chaotic playa, the waffle was easier to remember than Uchronia. The Belgian Waffle stuck. Meet you at the Waffle!

Woman at R-Evolution - 2015, Burning Man photo

Woman at R-Evolution - 2015

R-Evolution in pieces.

Fire Dancers at the Man - 2014, Burning Man photo

Fire Dancers at the Man - 2014

Pre-burn festivities.

Saucer Down - 2013, Burning Man photo

Saucer Down - 2013

Crash Site Alpha-13.

Woman atop Balance Ville - 2013, Burning Man photo

Woman atop Balance Ville - 2013

The Temple of Promise - 2015, Burning Man photo

The Temple of Promise - 2015

Shipwreck at the Pier - 2012, Burning Man photo

Shipwreck at the Pier - 2012

Everyone loved the pier last year. This year a Spanish Galleon became wrecked against it.

Bliss Dance - 2010, Burning Man photo

Bliss Dance - 2010

Fireworks and the Man - 2011, Burning Man photo

Fireworks and the Man - 2011

Lamplighters - 2003, Burning Man photo

Lamplighters - 2003

Beautiful Woman on Green Thing - 2004, Burning Man photo

Beautiful Woman on Green Thing - 2004

Dragon at the Thistle - 2012, Burning Man photo

Dragon at the Thistle - 2012

Dragon at the Reno Star Cosmic Thistle.