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2017.08.06 / 8476 photos

Fire on ridge over Goat Creek

2017.07.19 / Goat Creek Fire

On the night of July 18th, a thunderstorm set a tree ablaze on the ridge above Goat Creek. The strike was on the east side of Rock Creek valley, and it was this lightning strike that began the Goat Creek fire.

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2016.11.18 / Drift

Thursday night, Drift played at the Ole Beck VFW in Missoula.

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Bighorn Sheep

2016.10.30 / Bighorn Sheep Rams

In the fall the bighorn sheep rams on Rock Creek gather to butt heads and establish dominance. Rams can be seen down on the valley floor and up on the surrounding cliffs.

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2016.10.01 / Drift

This past Saturday was Homecoming at UM and in-town, and Drift played at the Silver Dollar Bar in Missoula.

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2016.09.23 / Drift

This past Friday night, Drift played at the Palace Lounge in Missoula.

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2016.07.17 / Drift

This past Sunday, Drift and American Falcon played Charlie B's!

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American Falcon

2016.07.17 / American Falcon

This past Sunday, Drift and American Falcon played Charlie B's!

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Burning Man 2015

2015.08.28 / Burning Man

Photos from Burning Man 2015.

The art theme this year was "Carnival of Mirrors." Our camp is Ganesh Camp and we bring, among other things, an Indian celebration tent.

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Boulder Creek Falls

2015.06.27 / Boulder Creek Falls

Hike in the Bitterroot south of Darby with the Sierra Club. We hiked up Boulder Creek to Boulder Creek Falls. The wildflowers were beautiful and the falls were going strong.

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Bighorn Sheep

2014.11.12 / Bighorn Sheep

Here are some recent photos of the bighorn sheep. They are frequent visitors in the fall, and think our front field is tasty and the mineral lick too.

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Ranch Creek Pack Train

2014.10.13 / Ranch Creek Pack Train

Josh was leading a pack train of horses and mules to trail camp on upper Ranch Creek. It was a beautiful day and I hiked along and took photos.

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Rock Creek Fall Foliage

2014.10.12 / Rock Creek Fall Foliage

Rock Creek's cottonwoods and aspens are beautiful at this time of year. Here are some photos from our back field and from Stage Rock cliff across the road.

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Burning Man 2014

2014.08.22 / Burning Man

Photos from Burning Man 2014. The art theme was "Caravansary."

For my favorite photos 2001 to present, visit my Burning Man Gallery. For all photos, organized by year, visit my Burning Man Spotlight page.

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2014.06.15 / Montana Birds

My family loves the birds. Our house has always had feeders with both birdseed and hummingbird nectar. I love the hummingbirds the most.

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2014.06.07 / Montana Road Trip

Joe and his friend Pam came to visit for a week. We took two road trips, had a fun time together and the scenery was fantastic.

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Mom and Dad in Montana

2014.05.11 / Mom and Dad in Montana

A few photos of mom and dad on Rock Creek in Montana.

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Rock Creek at 10 Below

2013.12.05 / Rock Creek at 10 Below

An Arctic front moved in, and temperatures dropped to 10 below zero Fahrenheit. Rock Creek was a winter wonderland of freezing fog, ice fog and ice jams.

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