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Kari and Tom

2001.10.06 / Kari and Tom's Wedding

Kari and Tom--high school sweethearts--got married up at Sea Ranch.

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2001.09.26 / Yosemite

Hiking with Jay in Yosemite Valley and the Mariposa Grove.

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Pure Joy

2001.09.10 / Pure Joy

This month the assignment for photo club was "pure joy."

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Burning Man 2001

2001.08.28 / Burning Man

Photos from Burning Man 2001. The art theme was "The 7 Ages."

For my favorite photos 2001 to present, visit my Burning Man Gallery. For all photos, organized by year, visit my Burning Man Spotlight page.

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Xian at Wildcat II

2001.08.09 / Wildcat II

Because certain people couldn't be in two places at once, there were two wildcats this year. Wildcat I was in late July.

For all my Wildcat photos, organized by year, visit my Wildcat Spotlight page.

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Wildcat I

2001.07.26 / Wildcat I

Christian Matthews and George Branch started Wildcat fourteen years ago, and it's been a camping tradition with friends ever since.

For all my Wildcat photos, organized by year, visit my Wildcat Spotlight page.

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Trinity Alps

2001.07.02 / Trinity Alps

A week-long backpacking trip to the headwaters of Canyon Creek.

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The Forza

2001.06.17 / The Forza

David and Ellen are planning a trip around the world in David's new sailboat, the Forza.

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Trish and Drew's Wedding

2001.06.16 / Trish and Drew's Wedding

Trish was getting married and the extended family got together in Valley Forge to celebrate.

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Emma and Aidan dancing

2001.06.15 / Hart Family

A relaxing evening with old friends Davey and Ellen along with their growing family: Emma, Aidan and new addition Lucy.

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John and Sammy

2001.06.14 / The Brownlow's

During my trip back east, I was able to visit with Scotty, Karen and Sammy Brownlow.

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Hetch Hetchy

2001.05.26 / Hetch Hetchy

Backpacking with Audrey around the north and south sides of Hetch Hetchy in Yosemite. This area gets only a fraction of Yosemite Valley's visitors, but is comparable in beauty.

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Russian Ridge

2001.05.23 / Russian Ridge

Whitney and I decided to take advantage of the long daylight hours to sneak in a hike and picnic after work. Since it was foggy along the coast, we headed south to Russian Ridge.

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2001.05.02 / Point Reyes

The spring is one of the best times to visit Point Reyes. The flowers are at their peak and the weather is fine -- past the rainy season, but before the heavy summer fogs come to stay.

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Feather Falls

2001.04.29 / Feather Falls

Feather Falls are 640 feet of falling mist, set in a vertical granite gorge. The falls are located in the Plumas National Forest and are the 6th highest in the U.S.

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Dave with chips

2001.04.27 / Poker!

We have a rotating poker game that's been going on forever. This one was at my place in Noe Valley.

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2001.04.25 / SööperQoöl

Photos from SööperQoöl at 111 Minna.

For my favorite photos 2001 to present, visit my Qoöl Gallery. For all photos, organized by date, visit my Qoöl Spotlight page.

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Ventana Wilderness

2001.04.20 / Ventana Wilderness

I took a five day backpack along the Ventana coast ridge southeast towards Cone Peak. Being on ridgetop, the views were great up and down the coast as well as inland.

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