Selected Hikes

Fall and early winter is a great time to hike or backpack in the Ventana Wilderness!

The foggy season is over and the rainy season hasn't begun in earnest. I've collected some Ventana trips here -- not all from the fall, but any of these hikes would be great at this time of year.

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Ventana Wilderness

2005.05.21 / Ventana Wilderness

Backpack to Vicente Flat in Ventana.

3 pages / 36 photos

Ventana Wilderness

2004.01.31 / Ventana Wilderness

Ventana backpack trip with Steve and Breanna to Sykes Hot Springs.

2 pages / 30 photos

Pico Blanco

2003.10.18 / Pico Blanco

Ventana backpack trip from Bottchers Gap to Pico Blanco camp.

1 page / 14 photos

Ventana Wilderness

2003.05.24 / Ventana Wilderness

Backpacking in the Cone Peak area of Ventana.

3 pages / 45 photos

Ventana Wilderness

2001.04.20 / Ventana Wilderness

I took a five day backpack along the Ventana coast ridge southeast towards Cone Peak. Being on ridgetop, the views were great up and down the coast as well as inland.

2 pages / 25 photos