Selected Hikes

Anytime is a great time to hike or backpack in the Ventana Wilderness! I've collected photos from some Ventana backpacking trips here.

Hiking or backpacking into Ventana can be a magical experience. It is accessible year round, and the summer fog creates its own weather and has allowed the old growth redwoods to thrive despite being on the central California coast.

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Ventana Wilderness

2005.05.21 / Ventana Wilderness

Backpack to Vicente Flat in Ventana.

3 pages / 36 photos

Ventana Wilderness

2004.01.31 / Ventana Wilderness

Ventana backpack trip with Steve and Breanna to Sykes Hot Springs.

2 pages / 30 photos

Pico Blanco

2003.10.18 / Pico Blanco

Ventana backpack trip from Bottchers Gap to Pico Blanco camp.

1 page / 14 photos

Ventana Wilderness

2003.05.24 / Ventana Wilderness

Backpacking in the Cone Peak area of Ventana.

3 pages / 45 photos

Ventana Wilderness

2001.04.20 / Ventana Wilderness

I took a five day backpack along the Ventana coast ridge southeast towards Cone Peak. Being on ridgetop, the views were great up and down the coast as well as inland.

2 pages / 25 photos