Burning Man

Photos from Burning Man 2012. The art theme this year was "Fertility 2.0."

I camped with friends at Ganesh’s Rebirth Dilation Station. We had a regulation clay tennis court and an Indian desert tent. As always at Ganesh camp, a great time was had by all.

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Ganesh, Burning Man photo


Ganesh starts out the festival with a bit of starter bling, but ends it covered with gifts.

Drums, Burning Man photo


Ganesh often features live music during our happy hours. The drums would never look so clean again.

Marc, Burning Man photo


Marc in the Ganesh tent after setup.

Ganesh Bar, Burning Man photo

Ganesh Bar

Just about ready to open for "business."

Beer, Burning Man photo


We gifted over a thousand beers during our daily happy hours, along with punch drinks.

Bar, Burning Man photo


Makings for the punch drinks.

Tent Window, Burning Man photo

Tent Window

Our tent is from India and features gold embroidery and windows with curtains that roll up and down.

Watering the Tennis Court, Burning Man photo

Watering the Tennis Court

Our tennis court requires lots of water to build a good playing surface. Here the water truck guy helps us out with a good dosing.

Ganesh Tent, Burning Man photo

Ganesh Tent

Here's a view of the Ganesh tent from our deck atop the truck. The deck was a new addition and featured great vistas!

Ganesh Camp, Burning Man photo

Ganesh Camp

Carports are popular on the playa since they are big and stand up to the wind.

Ganesh Happy Hour, Burning Man photo

Ganesh Happy Hour

A dust storm kicked up as our happy hour kicked off, but refuge from the storm is half the fun.

Jordan and Marc, Burning Man photo

Jordan and Marc