I took a road trip up to the family house on Rock Creek outside of Missoula MT. I had a wonderful and memorable visit with my parents. I took the scenic route up, through Grand Teton and Yellowstone parks. The fall colors were at their peak, and the weather was perfect.

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Grand Tetons across Jenny Lake, Montana photo

Grand Tetons across Jenny Lake

I camped overnight at Grand Teton NP at Jenny Lake on my way north to Montana. It was nice waking up to the Grand Tetons across the lake.

Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone, Montana photo

Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone

Another overnighter on my way north... I visited the Grand Canyon as dusk fell over Yellowstone.

Montana Gold, Montana photo

Montana Gold

Both the trees and our back field turn golden in the fall.

Footbridge, Montana photo


This footbridge spans the irrigation canal that heads north from the creek.

Heaven on Earth, Montana photo

Heaven on Earth

I hiked partway up the John Long Mountains across the valley from our house.

Looking North Up the Valley, Montana photo

Looking North Up the Valley

The "Narrows" can be seen at the far end of the valley. This is where both Rock Creek and the road are squeezed up against a flank of Babcock Mountain. The lower mountain rises abruptly from the narrowed valley floor.

Looking South Down the Valley, Montana photo

Looking South Down the Valley

Bighorn Sheep Viewing Area, Montana photo

Bighorn Sheep Viewing Area

Babcock Mountain and Rock Creek are home to a large number of Bighorn Sheep. The USFS Spring Creek Sheep Viewing Site is located across from the fishing access. A nature trail winds along the base of some cliffs, seen here.

I didn't see any Bighorn Sheep in the viewing area; apparently they were hanging out in our front yard.

Valley of the Moon, Montana photo

Valley of the Moon

Rock Creek flows through Valley of the Moon.

Valley of the Moon, Montana photo

Valley of the Moon