I flew up to Montana for a nice long summer visit with my parents. I enjoyed the hot Montana summer; such a difference from cool and foggy San Francisco.

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John Long Mountains, Montana photo

John Long Mountains

Our house with the John Long Mountains behind it.

Sunset on Rock Creek, Montana photo

Sunset on Rock Creek

Dusk comes early due to the steep western walls.

Sapphire Range at Dusk, Montana photo

Sapphire Range at Dusk

You can see the Welcome Creek Wilderness and the Sapphire Range in the background, on the other side of Rock Creek.

Tractor, Montana photo


Dad mowing the front field.

Good old girl, Montana photo

Good old girl

This was to be Lizzie's last summer and while she slowed down, she had a good life even at the end. She was family and we will miss her.

Lizzie, Montana photo


Mom and Dad, Montana photo

Mom and Dad

Irrigation Canal, Montana photo

Irrigation Canal

An irrigation canal splits off from the creek and travels through our property, to provide water for the ranch just down the valley. This area is quite lush.

Summer Storm Coming, Montana photo

Summer Storm Coming

I had both amazing hot blue sky days and some fun summer storms. Here comes some late afternoon weather...

Watering the Field, Montana photo

Watering the Field

Tasty hay for the horses.

Hopeful Horse, Montana photo

Hopeful Horse

Whenever I was down at our neighbor's ranch taking photos this horse would come out, hoping I'd have a carrot.